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About Jeannette

Jeannette Petti, LPN (licensed practical nurse), CMT (certified massage therapist)

Jeannette’s gentle, yet strong hands are attuned to the subtlest nuances of muscle and tendon tightness. That comes from being in practice since 1986. She has many loyal and repeat clients and is available for weekends and some evenings.

Let Jeannette help you unwind from the stress of your daily busy life. Visit her serene office in Red Bank, listen to soothing music, and enjoy a time of peace and relaxation focused entirely on you. Allow yourself some precious moments of indulgence and let your mind ease while your muscles are gently coaxed to do the same.

Jeannette has over 30 years of experience as a Certified Massage Therapist. She is also a Licensed Practical Nurse. When it comes to special medical needs, Jeannette’s training as a nurse makes her the perfect choice for therapeutic healing massage therapy. Reiki is a balancing of energy that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself, a practice that Jeannette implements in her massage work. Her touch, in itself, is very healing and soothing.

Services are normally provided in Jeannette’s private office. Please call for an appointment.

Meet the Owner

Jeannette has resided in the New Jersey area most of her life. She tries to live by the motto “Balance is the key to life.” Jeannette comes from an Italian heritage, and like any true Italian has a passion for good food and fine wine. You’ll even find her serving her own homemade wine at a dinner party! With some karaoke to follow, of course! For over 30 years, Jeannette has also participated in animal rescue work, so you’ll likely find a fury friend or two around her home.

Before opening her own business, Jeannette worked in the medical field as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She worked in a variety of medical settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and home care. Jeannette’s massage practice started as a hobby in 1986. While working as an LPN, she began devoting more and more time to therapeutic massage therapy. She enjoyed giving people a non-traditional option; an alternative route to help their bodies heal. While she had a holistic approach to her work, she was also able to provide a medical perspective into her client’s situations.

Throughout the years, Jeannette’s cliental has continued to grow. Just as no two bodies are the same, no two sessions are the same. One thing that has always remained the same is Jeannette’s goal to customize each session for clients, making sure the person as a whole is given proper attention, not just the problem.

At the end of the day, knowing her practice has made a difference in a client’s well-being is what drives Jeannette in her work. Throughout the years, she has never lost sight of her end goal: making sure each client is tended to and treated as an individual.


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