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Jeannette Petti, LPN, CMT
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Be kind to your aging best friend. Treat your dog to the pleasures of the gentle touch of massage to ease the pain of aching joints and tightened muscles. Help your beloved dog to age gracefully with more flexibility and dignity.

Dogs involved in mentally and physically demanding work such as search and rescue, police K-9 units and guide dogs would benefit greatly from massage. Also, companion dogs, including older or injured canines can benefit and respond tremendously to massage.

If your animal does any, or all of the following, chances are good that muscle tension and stress are built up in the muscles:

   1. tossing of head
   2. stumbling
   3. refusing or resisting leads
   4. shortened strides
   5. poor disposition


Paws to Heal

Jeannette Petti has been a professional massage therapist since 1986 and has now expanded her practice to include the canine customer, as a recently certified pet massage therapist.



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