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Swedish Massage

Massage - 1 hour treatment - $90 (1/2 hour - $50, Package - 3 massages for $249)

A tension that originates in the mind often reveals itself in the body. Bodywork can help you relax and release stress and regain your balance naturally. Your physical self feels content and at ease, giving your mental self a chance to let go of the emotional tension it is harboring. Because the body and mind are so intimately connected, touch can trigger a relaxation response that eases tight muscles and stifles anxiety. You then achieve a restored sense of calm and fresh clarity of thought. As you enjoy the physical benefits of bodywork your mind will release tension and relax.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

By Appointment Only

Weekends Available

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Monthly Special!

New Customers take 10% off of 1st massage!

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Get the ultimate massage experience, call 732-842-7121

New Customers take 10% off of 1st massage!